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About Anabelle

The origin of my teaching is my training as an Integral Sivananda Yoga teacher in Tyrol. In my own practice, I quickly felt that there was something missing in the frequency of movement in this yoga variation.
I continued my education, tried other styles (Vinyasa Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, Power Yoga, Yin Yoga) and was further inspired by several trips to India. New teachers came into my life, who further formed my way of teaching.  To this day my enthusiasm is for a mixture of flowing movements and light dynamics in combination with breath, carried by an inner alignment of thoughts and bundling of those to arrive in silence. 

My way of teaching is described as authentic, mindful & sensitive. I find it ESSENTIAL to pick up every person where he/she is at the moment. I see the yoga mat as an inspiration and a training ground for everyday life.

I had my first Yoga contacts already in 2003.
Because of my emigration to the Canary Islands "La Gomera". 
I found my regular practice and love for this
Form of movement & mind training. 
During this time I worked as a hiking guide on the island and quickly discovered how enriching such a combination can be. 
After a few years of experience I led on my own
Yoga hiking weeks through. 
The eight years in Spain had a lasting influence on my personal and spiritual path. I explored different methods for self-discovery.  Experimented, dived deeper, listened .... 
Until today I follow the adventure of life with joyful amazement.

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SA evening program 25 .10.20

Outdoor fire ceremony

Annabelle will lead through a small fire ceremony on Saturday evening in the garden of the Hotel Rigi. Put a mantra around the fire and accompany the group by chanting a mantra

Kay Rauber will accompany with a handpan.


Philosophy behind it:
The power, the spirit, of the fire is awakened. The element becomes "alive". In this way one comes into interaction with the element. The fire stands for light and love, as well as transformation. We offer offerings (spices, rice) to the fire and ask it to cleanse us energetically, to absorb and dissolve or transform our obstacles and blockages. The ceremony follows a thousand-year-old ritual from the Indian scriptures (Vedas).


For one, the ceremony has a strong, meditative effect. By concentrating on the moment and the fire, we calm the mind and enter the space of the present moment. Fire becomes a mediator between the material and the spiritual world.

On the other hand, the ceremony has a liberating effect, as we entrust physical and psychological burdens to the fire. The worries and burdens that we focus on during the ceremony are illuminated, burned and transformed by the light of the fire. Like the offerings, the blockages in our lives are transformed by the fire into smoke and can leave the earth and pass into another dimension.


SUN 10/25/20


08:00 - 09:45

A journey of movement through the 7 chakras

Chakra Yoga - Bring your radiance into vibration!
We consciously direct our attention to the respective chakra - play with the associated energies,
build on each other and feel the resulting power and its possibilities.
Immerse yourself in a gentle, inward-looking yoga practice and let yourself be touched by the magic of the moment. Positive affirmations and breathing exercises round off your experiences.

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