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About Nina

To have found a way how to live and preserve authenticity in today’s world is reflected in Nina’s awareness, which she lives and conveys in her classes - always with the perspective of being a student herself. Nina understands Yoga as an expression of living a conscious life, dedicating love and insights into the well-being of people around her. Her practice is influenced by elements of the Iyengar Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa. She knows how to preserve the individual yet universally true essence of asana and to convey yoga as a journey to inner peace and contentment.
Nina is a student of yoga since 2012 and has completed the +300hrs Teacher Training at AIRYOGA in Zurich. Nina teaches her classes in English.


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SA  24.10.20


10:15 - 12:00

Explore your hips in their full range of motion and let go of the things you hold onto- the link between your hips and memory holding an emotional state being profound.

Practice into the intensity of the dimension of this experience- longer holds in order for you to breathe within creating space and softness into your tight spots at the same time as you stay active and aligned. I will offer variations on blocks and against the wall so hip openers are accessible to everyone.

Start this special morning practice by exploring Pranayama, Meditation. Experience some warming asanas to challenge the possibilities of your body and mind's range of motion- fully dedicating your prana to sustain and support the present moment.


Be present in your practice with feelings as they arise- looking at our mind as a present state of mind.


15:45 - 17:30

Backbending requires courage: trusting the process, trusting yourself, facing fear. Often our natural response to challenges we face is to curl in, protecting our heart- both the physical heart and the energetic heart space. Backbends allow to open up to the world, exposing but also offering our most vulnerable part to the world: the heart. The key with this is to really anchor into your Soul’s wisdom and trust the process.

Learn fhow to get into challenging poses effectively and safely by tilting the pelvis, by actively using your core muscles and engaging your legs and feet to stay rooted. Explore bows, wheels and other challenging asanas with a focus of the bend. I will offer variations on blocks and against the wall so backbends are happily accessible to everyone.
Overcome your fears, offer your heart. On the mat- and thus- off the mat too.