About Melaine

Melanie is an internationally trained yoga teacher and designer. Her passion for plant-based eating and wellness combined with her love of yoga, arts, crafts and design set her on a journey to live a little bit simpler. Listening to the body, how it wants to move, eat and create. She shares with us her nourishing plant-based recipes, craft skills and wellness lifestyle with an emphasis on sustainability. Melanie’s yoga classes are classes that encourage fluid organic movement in the style of vinyasa flow. Moving with breath and intention through creative sequencing as a means to nourish the body, feel present and unite the physical and subtle body. Melanie offers vinyasa flow classes and yoga for pregnancy in Zurich. You can also find her teaching at events and collaborating closely with other yoga teachers and studios.​ Melanie is originally from Australia and moved to Zurich in 2018 after spending 5 years in London and the past 10 years working in design, sustainability and marketing. She has been drawn to creative outlets since childhood as her mother and grandmother really encouraged creativity as being fundamental to our feminine nature as women. Her decision to start a yoga practice and eventually train to become a yoga teacher started as a way to combat her own anxiety and hormonal discomfort related to endometriosis. 

More Information: www.melaniewatkinswellness.com


SA  24.10.20


13:30 - 15:15 (EN)

Detailed Information about Melanies program will follow soon.