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Chantal Hauser is a professional yoga and movement teacher in Switzerland. She is renowned for her unique style Hanuman Flow, which is creative sequencing with focus and awareness on transitional movements using the core, the pelvic-floor and breath-work to facilitate alignment and space. Her yoga background and teachings are deeply influenced and shaped by Tim Miller and Ana Forrest.

Chantal was born in Zurich, raised in the Swiss Mountains and grew up in New York City. She took her earliest yoga class at age 5, with her mother. It wasn’t until years later in her early 20s when she felt lost in the madness of New York City that Chantal made yoga a daily ritual. Now it’s an essential part of her life. Yoga has saved her life on more than one occasion. Through and with the practice and the teaching of yoga she has found peace within she says; “Yoga makes me understand, it makes me breathe, and it makes me grow.”

In 2014 she has introduced Forrest Yoga to studios and yoga practitioners in Zurich and around Switzerland. She is also the creator of hanuman shala | A Yoga Community. As a Movement Activist and Lover she encourages you to; "Listen to Your Spirit | Focus on Your Path | Live Your Truth" which is also Hanuman Shala's main motto. She primarily teaches in Zurich, Thalwil and Lucerne. In Thalwil she has her own Shala the "YogaAtelier" Check out and to learn more.



Samstag 26.10.2019 



Kids Yoga

Komm ins Yoga! Wir werden mit tollen Körper Bewegungen bessere Balance und innere Ruhe finden. In dieser Yoga Stunde lernst du dir selber zu vertrauen, Mut zu haben und einfach auch mal Zeit zum Atmen zunehmen. Wir werden miteinander sicher viel Spass haben mit Partnerübungen, verschiedenen Balance Übungen und mehr! Lass deiner Kreativität freien Lauf.


14:30 - 16:00

Yoga Therapeutics (E) Back Care

Join Chantal Hauser for a deep Forrest Yoga inspired practice focused on invigorating and strengthening backbends and shoulder openers. This workshop is ideal for anyone that is having back pain and is looking for nourishment and sustainability in their yoga practice. Deepen your understanding of your body by tuning in and not out. Allow your body to show you what works and learn how to listen in this slow flow of moving through the postures. We will use yoga tools such as a strap, blocks and a roll. Please bring a towel with you! This class is all levels!


Kids Yoga

In der Nachmittags Yoga Stunde wird Entspannung gross geschrieben! Nach einem kleinem Flow lernen wir eine Meditations-Technik, sowie auch Atemübungen welche uns bei Schulstress helfen können, kennen. Zusätzlich werden wir auch über unser allgemeines Körpergefühl sprechen!

Ganzes Kids Programm

  • 08.30 - 9:00 Kids Yoga mit Chantal Hauser

  • 9:30 Znüni

  • 10:00 - 11:30 mit Susanne Zurmühle, Land - Art

  • 13:30 - 16:00 mit Susanne Zurmühle, Land-Art

  • 16:00 Zvieri

  • 16.30 - 17:30 Kids Yoga mit Chantal Hauser

Kids Programm für Kinder von 5 - 12 Jahre

Mittagessen nicht betreut) Fr. 70.00


Sonntag 27.10.2019 



Hip Love & Hanumanasana (E)

This class is giving you space to work deeply with your breath and ignite your hips. It emphasizes not only the stance you take in life but also moves you into your seat. We will work with Pranayama, a strong Core and Standing Sequence and tap into the power of the Split (Hanumanasana). Variations are given when needed. This class is an all class level although some yoga experience is recommended. As all yoga asana is preparing us to sit, this class is a great inquiry towards just that! Where do you want to go next?


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