Federal Office of Public Health recommendations (7. Aug 2020)

The protection concept was created in accordance with the framework specifications for protection concepts for sports activities of the Federal Office for Sport FOSPO in cooperation between the two professional yoga associations, Yoga Schweiz Suisse Svizzera and the Swiss Yoga Association.


The safety and health of our participants are our top priority, which is why the following protective measures must be observed. We orientate ourselves and adhere to the hygiene and distance rules of the BAG.




  • People from risk groups are allowed to take part in yoga courses. Please inform your yoga teacher of your special needs (greater distance, no posture adjustments, etc.)

  • Participants with symptoms of illness and allergies (sneezing) please stay away from the class

  • Yoga lessons have been held again since June 6th. The reference size during yoga classes is 4 m2 per person


Arrival / payment


  • A log of the participants is required with their names, emails and telephone numbers in order to be able to trace back infection chains if necessary (when registering via the reservation calendar of Yoga meets Weggis, this data is immediately recorded digitally)

  • Lessons can be paid for with cash. There is a cash box ready to deposit the course fee and to take change (if possible, bring CHF 15 with you, correctly counted).


Behavior before and after the yoga lesson


  • Disinfectants are available at the check-in point of the yoga class. We ask all participants to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and disinfect them before and after the lesson

  • Whenever possible, please appear already moved

  • Participants who have moved are asked to go to their mat in the classroom and wait for the lesson to begin

  • We ask the participants to keep a distance of 1.5 meters on arrival, during the yoga class, in personal exchange, after the yoga lesson, on the return journey and continue to refrain from body contact such as hugs or greeting kisses.


Behavior in the yoga lesson area


  • The positions of the yoga mats must be adhered to according to the requirements of the BAG and are assigned. We ask all participants to keep their place until the end of the lesson

  • There must be an area of ​​4 m2 per person

  • The number of participants is limited to 35, but depends on the size of the room. (If there is more space, more participants can take part). The people only move on their mat. In addition, the practitioners move synchronously, which ensures that their nose / mouth never come closer than 1.5 meters to each other.

  • We ask you to bring your own yoga mat

  • Body contact for corrections is permitted again. Please contact the yoga teacher if you would prefer not to make any adjustments, which we are happy to take into account. At the moment, the lessons are predominantly guided verbally if possible

  • Yoga aids and sensitive areas (especially in the indoor area) such as door latches or toilets are disinfected after each use and lesson. Doors are already open and will be opened and closed by the yoga teacher if possible

  • Currently, drinks and snacks are not served. All participants are allowed to bring their own drinks

  • The wearing of protective masks is not mandatory and we leave it up to each individual participant