About Deddou

“With my life, I want to make this world a little bit better.”  

This has always been Deddou’s guiding mantra. It was the mantra behind launching POP UP YOGA – exhilarating yoga in exciting places – where Deddou wanted to make yoga more accessible and help spreading the time-proven teachings of this ancient practice to modern life. 

It has also been her mantra when creating Deddou Schaller, her personal brand, where she supports Yoga Teachers with Trainings, Coaching and Mentoring. By sharing her skills, experience and learnings of being a yoga teacher, business owner and entrepreneur for more than a decade, she intends to make a positive impact in many people’s lives and therefore making the world a little bit better. 


Deddou has been a yoga teacher for more than 8 years and her teaching style ranges from exhilarating, creative Vinyasa Flow Yoga to therapeutic Yoga and Yoga practices specifically addressing the energetic body. 


In 2016 she set up her first Teacher Training which has evolved to a popular 250h Vinyasa Flow Yoga Training in and beyond Zürich. It puts emphasis on creative sequencing and the practical aspect of teaching yoga. By now over 80 yoga teachers have graduated, many of them teaching yoga on a regular basis.  


Over the past years she set up additional Trainings from Yin Yoga to Advanced Anatomy or Pre-Natal and Energetic Anatomy Trainings, revolutionizing the way yoga is passed on. She’s been at the front of integrating the latest technology for optimal learning and skill development and combining it with highly educated Yoga Teachers, who are experts in their respective fields. 


In 2020 she finally decided to unite two seemingly opposite skills of hers: her skills and experience as a yoga teacher and her BA in business & communication. Yoga Teachers can work with Deddou in group-settings for example in her 40h Business of Yoga Training or in 1-1 mentoring or personal coaching.   

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Saturday, 10/24/20


13:30 - 15:15

What have you wanted to know about yoga for a long time?

Deddou is an experienced yoga teacher, leads various teacher trainings and is the successful founder of Pop-up.


Ask her all questions related to your yoga practice!
Maybe you have already asked yourself:

- how to find your way in the jungle of countless yoga offers?

- or do you have questions about the different yoga styles and traditions?

- are unsure how (d) an ideal yoga practice should be structured?

- you love yoga and have you thought about doing a yoga teacher training yourself? What are important thoughts on making the right choice


The workshop will be an exciting exchange and you will learn interesting information from the world of yoga. Bring all questions about your yoga practice with you!


SUN 10/25/20


08:00 - 09:45

"Awaken your senses" Yoga lesson with handpan accompaniment by Kay Rauber

Yoga with Deddou Schaller & sound journey by Kay Rauber with handpan

This is a very special morning practice. The beautiful sounds of Kay Rauber carry you away into another world and let you arrive deep inside you. This experience is complemented by a holistic yoga practice led by Deddou Schaller. The body and sound journey starts very slowly with breathing exercises and gentle movements. A refined alternation between movement and rest, physical and energetic experiences, a harmonious flow, an opening and arriving make this yoga experience unique. A meditation and a long final relaxation round off this workshop.

Also suitable for beginners.


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