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Sunset Ecstatic Dance
Tanzreise mit 
Silent Headphones

27. August 2022 

Innerwalk Project24.jpg

Ecstatic Dance - Innerwalk Project DJ

SA, 27. August 2022

20.00 bis 23.00 Uhr

Rigiwiese, Weggis (In case of heavy rain, change location to covered pavilion)

Level: Alle

Sprache: EN

No Food and Drinks available at Rigiwiese.

A transformative dance journey in the middle of nature

Immerse yourself in unimagined wolds from the first beat to the last sound. Electronic and worldmusic rhythms are woven together into an unsusual mix, which motivates to leberating, easy movements and deep relaxation.

Put your Silent Disco Headphones on, an come with us on a journey within yourself surrounded by nature and an unforgetable sunset

Let’s move together in Nature with Silent Disco Headphones, which turn this experience into something both physical and spiritual. A liberating atmosphere created in these natural location makes room for acceptance and exploration within ourselves and with the group. Music can be a powerful way to explore, comprehend and expand our consciousness. You are encouraged to listen to your senses and move accordingly to your emotions. Enjoy dancing in this wonderful open space into the sunset. Find your place, leave your trace!

This Journey will be a mix of Transformative Experiences, Sound Journey and a place of Power Discovery.

Language is the music (Englisch speaking guide)

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Michela Di Savino, Innerwalk Project Founder
Ecstatic Dance Facilitator, Dancer, Yoga Teacher, Authentic Relating & Team Building Expert, Photographer, leading groups in Switzerland and Italy.

Alex Dawson, DJ/Guide
Feldenkrais, Master Reiki, Energetical Places Expert, offering Guided Meditation Journeys in Switzerland.

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Fire is on


SA 27. August 2022

ab 18.00


Im Rahmen vom Yoga Summer Festival gibt esnach den Yoga-Kursen im Pavillon auf der Rigiwiese für ein gemütliches Beisammensein.

Daraufhin folgt das Ecstatic Dance.


Übernachten unter dem Sternenhimmel


Biwakieren unter dem freien Himmel oder stelle dein Zelt auf der Rigiwiese auf, nach dem perfekten Ausklang mit dem Abendevent.

Folgend einige Infos:

  • Vor Ort stellen wir Mobile Toiletten zur Verfügung

  • Es hat keinen Strom- oder Wasseranschluss

  • Biwakieren und kleine Zelte sind erlaubt

Weitere Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten

Passendes Equipment für Ecstatic Dance?

Ob Matten, Soul Props oder Wellness-Equipment - im Shop von beyondyoga findest du alles, um Deine Yoga-Praxis noch mehr zu vertiefen.



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