Sunset Ecstatic Dance
Dance trip with
Silent headphones

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Ecstatic dance

A magical dance journey in the middle of nature, which immerses us in unexpected worlds from the first beat to the last sound. Electronic and worldwide rhythms are interwoven into an unusual mix, which enables liberated, light movements and deep relaxation.


In this dance form we are completely free to move as we like. Twirl, bounce, cheer, roll, together, alone, everything is allowed, it should just feel good. We don't have to impress anyone and we are not judged, we can just let the music guide us and let our bodies take the lead. This can be a most liberating and healing experience.


People of different ages and with different professions and backgrounds can be found on the dance floor. Both men and women. They all have the goal of just letting go, shaking off everyday life and recharging your batteries.


During the “Ecstatic Dance” we dance to our natural feelings of happiness - and all without alcohol or drugs. We dance barefoot and turn off our smartphones for the duration of the event. Respectful interaction with one another is paramount. Everyone can start their personal, individual dance journey here and at the same time is supported by the community.


You dance with Silent Disco headphones in beautiful places in nature, or with the best sound system in large rooms.

By the way, ecstatic dancing has been going on all over the world for more than 10 years.


Dates Ecstatic Dance

Aug. 28


Ecstatic Dance

Meeting point:

Ship station Hertenstein

Sept. 18


Ecstatic Dance

Meeting point:

Ship station Weggis




Meet at the meeting point


Arrival at our

Danza Natura destination

Opening circle  

Sunset dance trip

Closing Circle


Cozy get-together around the fire

Bring something to drink and maybe something to eat

Individual return journey

23:03 / 23:35

there are public transport connections

to Lucerne / Zurich

at CHF 45.00 per person

Bring along

- Comfortable dance clothes
- Enough water
- Blanket / cloth to lie on
- Enough water
- Snacks as a small strengthening in between, possibly something to eat after the dance trip

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From Friday to Sunday you can enjoy additional yoga or Pilates lessons, a vegan cooking course with vegan rocks and many other activities with Van Retreat in the most beautiful surroundings in Weggis. Leave everyday life, noise and stress behind you for the whole weekend and enjoy the simplicity in harmony with nature. Wake up at sunrise with the chirping of birds or just sleep in, be active or let yourself drift.


Vera Isabella Renggli




Vera Isabella Renggli “Djane Wildhorsespirit” organizes Ecstatic Dance Events in the Lucerne area. Your dance trips are unique and are newly created for each event. Her background as a movement pedagogue, visual artist, teacher of art and mindfulness, her training in shamanic rituals and her great passion for dance, all of them flow into her events, so that they become a unique experience.


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