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Gerda Imhof is a full-time yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer, Thai yoga masseuse and outdoor guide from Lucerne. She was very lucky to come into contact with yoga as a child and practiced yoga regularly as a teenager. Gerda loves the whole spectrum of yoga - from intensive asana practice, through mind-expanding pranayama sessions, to meditative, calm Yin yoga lessons and therapeutic yoga settings. In yoga as well as in everyday life, Gerda is always concerned with finding ways and possibilities to overcome physical, mental and emotional barriers. This creates space for physical and spiritual healing and we gain access to the place within us that is eternally pure, blissful and indestructible.


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Saturday 10/24/20


15:45 - 17:30

Awake in the wild (DE)

Encounter the four elements on a mindful walk - gathering in the hotel lobby


Accompany me on this hike on Weggis local mountain Rigi through autumn forests, over green meadows, through a mystical rock garden to a secret waterfall. During this hike you will encounter the four elements earth, water, fire and air and experience them intensely with all your senses, even during a guided meditation. Part of the hike will be in silence so that you can be completely with yourself with your perception.


Condition / fitness

  • The hike is doable for all fitness levels

  • Ascent approx. 260 m (approx. 45 min) + descent approx. 30 min



  • The hike is easy to do in sneakers or light hiking boots

  • All-weather clothing (enough warm, sun protection)

  • Optional: swimwear for a cold shower under the waterfall

  • Drinking bottle

  • Possibly. Seat pad for outdoor meditation



13:30 - 15:15

Mindful Flow

More detailed information on the lesson will follow.


from 9:30 p.m., after dinner

Winter swimming (DE)

It's great that you have the time, desire and courage to get involved in the winter swimming experiment. What competitive athletes have known for a long time and use effectively for their personal performance enhancement and regeneration is becoming more and more popular due to numerous scientific studies that have appeared in recent years: Targeted cold training (such as cold showering and winter swimming) has numerous positive effects on our physical, mental and emotional health. Our immune system is strengthened, the circulation and blood flow are stimulated, inflammatory diseases such as arthritis are relieved, depressive moods are less, etc.

Winter swimming is primarily a mental thing. Believe that you and your body are strong and resilient enough to calmly swim a few laps in cold water.
The alpha and omega of winter swimming is practicing the correct breathing technique.


SUN 10/25/20


10:15 - 12:00

Pranayama & Winter Swimming (DE)

For a lesson description see above

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