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About Isabelle

Isabelle Stüssi studied film and ethnology before working for various film distributors, doing her doctorate and as an editor for Swiss television. During a vacation stay with her family in Mauritius, she learned about yoga and Hinduism at the age of 9. A seed was planted that blossomed: Today she has her own boutique studio in Zurich, Studio Yogisi. Isabelle teaches a dynamic style of yoga that is heavily influenced by the Katonah Yoga® method. She is a holistic Ayurveda nutrition and health advisor (REEA / HPS) and lives with her husband and dog in Zurich.


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SA 10/24/20


18:00 - 19:45

Katonah Yoga® is a hatha yoga practice developed by New Yorker Nevine Michaan for over 40 years. Katonah Yoga combines classic Hatha Yoga with Taoist theory, geometry, numerology, mythology and metaphors - to a pragmatic practice for personal development. This form of yoga understands the asanas as origami for the body. The form and function of the asanas are manipulated in such a way that they become an intelligent folding and unfolding of the body. The students gain a sense of their personal proportions, their individual bodies and asymmetries. Anyone who knows his asymmetries knows how to deal with all polarities and his habitual patterns. This is how we open an implicit dialogue with ourselves in order to transcend old patterns.


What's waiting for you:
In the workshop with Isabelle you will learn to realign the asanas using your own body proportions and yoga aids. You will sharpen your eye for the geometry and archetypal forms of the asanas and learn how you can use various yoga aids to align your practice and your body smarter. The class focuses on restorative asanas. In the form of a «yoga clinic», we take a closer look at / dog /, / prevention / and / pigeon / in different variations on different students.


- Brief introduction to the theory: The Body as a House, The Magic Square
and body maps (20 min.)
-Restorative practice: Reform, reinforce, restore (50 min.)
-Asana Clinic (30 min.)
-Q&A (5 min.)

This workshop is open to all students.



SUN 10/25/20


10:15 - 12:00

Cultivate your inner fire. In Ayurveda we are balanced and healthy when we shine from within, go through life with joy and passion. In this workshop you will get to know the essential elements of Ayurvedic nutrition to strengthen your internal digestive fire. Focus on your individual digestive type. Learn to recognize how you can rebalance your Agni in everyday life with simple means and spices. On a second level, from a Vedic and yogic point of view, we also address “the digestion of life”.

What's waiting for you:

In this workshop Isabelle teaches the heart of Ayurvedic nutrition to strengthen digestive power or bring it back into balance. Learn which food combinations are not beneficial for digestion in order to avoid waste products. Also get to know the "Dosha-Clock" to live in a natural flow with the sun's course. We not only look at how we digest food, but also how we deal with the "digestion of life" from an Ayurvedic and yogic perspective. The aim of the workshop, using proven Vedic know-how, simple means and a new awareness of what “food” is and what “really nourishes”, to gently recalibrate familiar nutritional and thought patterns.

Which topics do we deal with:
-Agni: what to eat, how much to eat, at what time to eat, the basics of Ayurveda nutrition
-Various constitution types, different digestive forms
-Various spices for different constitution types
-Learn to recognize signs of a weakened Agni and how to act

* There is no personal constitution determination in this course


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