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Claudia Eva Reinig

Claudia has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 30 years. She is a yogini with heart and soul and is considered an ambassador for mindful Vinyasa Yoga. Claudia has been living in India for over 20 years in the winter months. The variety and differences in culture and people have an inspiring and fruitful influence in their lives and so many travel experiences and experiences with other cultures, religions and spiritual directions flow into their lessons. Months of travel and study in India led her to different yogis and to different ashrams, where she was able to learn authentic yoga, which she now combines with contemporary developments. For them it is essential to go inwards in order to experience life in depth, but also to realize creative projects outside. Your energetic yoga class is characterized by liveliness, precision and intensity as well as a meditative balance. The Yoga Nidra deep relaxation and meditation form the calm balance to the flowing yoga styles.
Claudia is currently leading retreats, workshops and further training as a yoga teacher and trainer and is a national and international guest speaker at various congresses. She has been on the training team for yoga teachers at various schools and for over 20 years
Institutions. As an author, she creates and produces Yoga Nidra CDs, Yoga Nidra MP3 and Yoga DVDs and writes articles for yoga magazines. Claudia is also involved in various environmental and animal protection organizations and is the founder of the charity project "Open Sky Yoga".

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Vinyasa Yoga Flow „Open Your Hips - Open Your Heart“ & Yoga Nidra deep relaxation

Dive deeper into your yoga practice, your breath and the flow of movement. In this master class / workshop you can bend back and open your hip in yoga. Various creative exercises and asanas promote flexibility in the hip area and backbend of the spine. With hip openers in yoga and the stimulation of the second chakra we release tensions about devotion and letting go. Tensions in the muscles and the fascia structure can relax. Your total freedom of movement on a physical and psychological level is expanded. Bending positions build strength in the legs, arms and back muscles. The heart, both the physical heart and the energetic heart space are expanded - we open ourselves to the world. In this yoga workshop, find relief through mindful and fluent yoga positions - go inside and invite new breadth into your body and heart.


To round off the yoga practice and to transform the built-up energy into deeper levels, we finally practice Yoga Nidra, the deep relaxation for body and mind. Tensions as well as the entire emotional and mental structure can calm down with Yoga Nidra, a "flow through" can be experienced. Breathing exercises and presence in silence frame your adventure trip inside.

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