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Latest information Summer Festival 2023

Now the time has finally come - our long-awaited Yoga Summer Festival in Weggis begins! We can't wait to welcome you all there and to spend an unforgettable time together. Whether you are there for one day or two, we are sure that it will be an enriching experience for each of you.

Petrus is also kind to us on Saturday - that means we start the Saturday as planned inPavilion Weggis. We will then inform you at noon whether the evening event will be on theRigi view meadow may take place or be moved to the Pavilion, depending on current weather conditions. Your safety is our top priority and we want you to have the best experience. Therefore, we will decide at short notice to ensure that everything goes optimally.

On Sunday, due to the weather forecast, we will not be able to do the Yoga & brunchNOTon the Rigiblick meadow, but also in the pavilion! This applies to both the yoga lesson with Nathalie and the brunch.

Regardless of whether the evening event is held on the Rigiblick meadow or not, you can still bivouac and camp on the meadow. The mobile toilet will remain on site. For everyone who wants a little more comfort LINK, the staff at the Tourist Information will be happy to help you on site.

So that you can enjoy the festival to the fullest, we have put together some last hints and tips for you:

Check-In: Saturday, possible from 10 a.m

Check-In: Sunday possible from 08.30 a.m

Arrival and departure:

  • By car: Overview of parking spaces in WeggisGoogle Maps

  • By boat: From Lucerne at 08.12 and 09.12. Last ship from Weggis already at 8.57 p.m. (departure by bus and train possible).Here to the timetable of the SGV

  • After the fire ceremony on Saturday evening by train and bus: approx. every half hour from Weggis, Zopf.Here for the timetable.

Directions from the pavilion to the Rigiblickwiese (evening event on Saturday):


  • The ticket includes lunch on Saturday and brunch on Sunday

  • In the pavilion by the lake there is a fountain with drinking water where you can fill up your bottle at any time.


Tips for participants of the evening event:

A decision will be made at midday on whether to hold the event in the Pavilion or Rigiblick. There is no barbecue facility in the pavilion.

  • You must bring your own picnic or barbecue for dinner. On site there is the possibility to get food in the morning or at noon in the Migros 800m or in the small Volg 200m.

  • Bring your own drink. There is only a limited supply of water on the Rigiblick meadow. There is no running water or electricity.

  • Good shoes for the approx. 40-minute walk to the Rigiblick meadow

  • Please bring your own yoga mat to the meadow

  • Toilet available on site

  • It could get chilly in the evening. Please bring a jacket with you.

  • Bivouacs and small tents are allowed on the Rigiblick meadow. Campers and cars cannot be parked. We provide mobile toilets on site. It has no electricity or water connection. No place to stay overnight and no desire to bivouac,Hotels or write us this email.

Namaste and see you soon!

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