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Yoga Summer Festival

August 31


September 1


Yoga Summer Festival

Enjoy the warming rays of sunshine on your skin, feel the flowing movements in your body, immerse yourself in nature and experience energising moves. From 31 August to 1 September 2024, the sixth "Yoga meets Weggis" Summer Festival invites you to the Pavillon Weggis. Look forward to inspiring yoga classes, a transformative sound journey, delicious soul food, captivating workshops, a diverse selection of yoga gadgets at the Kula Market and enriching conversations in a dreamlike location right on the shores of Lake Lucerne. Take time to be dynamic and present in the here and now, to listen to yourself in silence, to open up and stretch your body and mind.

Like yoga by the sea - only sweeter.

The Yoga Summer Festival takes place in the Pavilion in Weggis. The event is outdoors. You can find more information about the accommodation & location here


The program is balanced and enjoyable. You can get an overview here!


We have several teachers at the Yoga Summer Festival again. Get to know them here!


You can find all information about the tickets here!



Saturday, August 31, 2024

11:00-13:00     Yoga lesson | Juan Carlos Russo

13:00-15:00     Outdoor Lunch | Workshops | Kula Market | Lake


15:00 - 17:00    Yoga lesson | Nora Kersten

from 18:30         Sound Journey | Liliana Morell

Sunday, September 1, 2024

09:00 - 11:00     Yoga lesson | Bianca Sissing

11:00 - 12:30     Cozy outdoor brunch | Lake




Juan Carlos Russo

August 31, 2024

11:00 - 13:00

As an experienced Iyengar yoga teacher with a Masters in Osteo-Thai, Juan Carlos has been teaching the art of alignment for more than 14 years. His classes have the uniqueness of guiding students safely into poses with the help of props, correct instructions and the intelligence of the trade. He takes participants on a journey of healing and self-discovery, a journey of spiritual awakening and active, joyful living.

The lessons will be held in English.

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Juan Carlos Russo

Nora Kersten

August 31, 2024

15:00 - 17:00

Nora's yoga journey began in 2013 when her heart led her to India. Alongside her studies with globally recognised teachers such as Bryan Kest, Donna Farhi, Birthlight, Judith Lasater, Jason Crandell and Ralph Skuban, Nora has also trained in the art of yoga therapy with Remo Rittiner and Christoph Kraft. She expanded her expertise through chakra healing training with Chakramonia and gained a deep understanding of chakra psychology under the guidance of Jean Pierre Crittin. In her classes and teacher trainings, she shares her boundless love for yoga and her diverse insights. Nora's creative vinyasa flows are enriched with mindful breathing exercises and relaxing yin elements that make her classes a refreshing break from everyday life and a journey to the inner self.

The lessons take place in German.

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Bianca Sissing
LIV-Bianca-Web-68 (1).jpg

Bianca Sissing

September 1, 2024

09:00 - 11:00

Bianca began her personal yoga journey in 2003. During a significant visit to India in 2012, she immersed herself in intensive yoga, meditation and yoga philosophy, which triggered a deep connection to this ancient practice. Yoga for her was more than just physical exercise; it became a holistic lifestyle that nourished body, mind and soul. Drawing from various teachers and experiences, she has embraced continuous personal development both as a student and a teacher.

The lessons will be held in German.

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Liliana Morell

August 31. 202405, 2023

from 18:30 

Liliana R. Morell has been accompanying people on the path to self-discovery for many years. With her very own kind of sound healing/sound meditation, she takes people on a deep journey to themselves. She now lives in Weggis, before that she lived for many years in Hawai'i, where the culture, spirituality and nature around Lake Lucerne are her source of strength and influence her being. Liliana's inspiration is to pass on her rich knowledge and many years of experience, to accompany people, to touch hearts, to make inner silence and one's own being tangible through sound, to inspire, to conjure up a smile. Liliana offers private sessions, small groups and special retreats with sound healing and transformation coaching in Weggis, directly on the lake ( She works as a freelance visual artist (

SOUND JOURNEY - MEDITATION Sound healing uses sound frequencies to achieve a deep state of relaxation, reduce stress, dissolve blockages in the body, activate self-healing powers and create inner harmony. Sounds have the ability to penetrate deeper layers of the body and psyche, bypassing our rational consciousness, so to speak. Immerse yourself in another world. Through the sounds of various natural and overtone instruments from all over the world, Liliana takes you on a healing journey, your energy systems come into balance, your entire body and your soul begin to vibrate. Your inner sounds are addressed by external instruments, you connect with your own soul sound. Doors can open that allow you to access inner resources and experience soul touch. Deep relaxation, well-being and healing can occur on many levels. Body, mind and soul are nourished by the sounds of various singing bowls, gongs, 1m mother drum, ocean drum, handpan, koshi, cymbals, chimes, rain pipe, pu'u.... You may experience the high frequency of a special ‘Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl’, The human voice, the ‘soul song’ is also used as a profound tool to heal and access your heart. LET GO AND RELAX - A JOURNEY TO YOURSELF, INTO YOUR HEART, THE CONNECTION TO YOUR SOUL

The lessons take place in German.

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Liliana Morell

Kula Market & Workshops

The annual Kula Market is back at the Summer Festival!

Various local Swiss exhibitors will be represented. In addition to the Kula Market, exciting workshops can be organised during the lunch break or before the evening event. More The workshops can be booked directly on site. More information will follow.


2 Days Ticket
Saturday & Sunday

incl. Lunch / Brunch &
evening program

4 Workshops 

Day Ticket

incl. Lunch and evening program 

3 Workshops 

Day Ticket

incl. Brunch

1 Workshop

Yoga mat

Book your yoga mat from for the festival


Stay overnight

Hotels in Weggis and Vitznau

Search and book your desired hotel - the Weggis Vitznau Rigi adventure region offers the right accommodation for every taste and budget.


Camping ground Weggis

Camping on the farm. Eventful and inexpensive holidays for the whole family in beautiful nature, with a view of the Rigi.


  • 20 pitches in the summer season

  • have a shower


Bivouacking on the Rigiblick meadow

Spend the night under the open sky or set up your tent on the Rigi meadow. 

Some information below:

  • We provide mobile toilets on site

  • It has no electricity or water connection

  • Bivouacs and small tents are allowed. Campers and cars cannot be parked.





Luzern Tourismus

Tourist Information Weggis

Seestrasse 5

6353 Weggis

phone: +41 (0)41 227 17 17

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