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Über Juan Carlos Russo

Trained initially in ashtanga, Juan Carlos had always been deeply inspired by B.K.S Iyengar’s book “Light on Yoga”. Juan Carlos met his first Iyengar teacher Jaya Water in the ashram of Amma in 2005. 

In 2008, Juan Carlos started his certification journey and obtained introductory level II in 2010. 

Over the years, Juan Carlos has run his own studio and has traveled to teach in many places throughout Europe. His fascination with human anatomy and alignment led him to the study of Osteothai—a therapeutic integration of osteopathy and Thai massage techniques. Juan Carlos is now based in Bali. He is teaching while studying under senior Iyengar teacher Kathy Cook to further his Iyengar journey. Juan Carlos believes that the students are the best teachers, and therefore highly values his students’ feedback and insights.

He is a therapist with profound knowledge. His fascination with human anatomy and alignment led him to the study of Osteothai. It is a rare opportunity, that he practices in Switzerland – book a one-hour Osteothai massage with him, during the Yoga Days in Weggis.

Mehr Informationen: juancarlosrusso.com

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Foundation & Aligment of Iyengar Yoga

FR 22.04.22, 15.00 - 18.00

Hotel Alexander

Level: Alle

Sprache: EN

In this program we are going to follow a simple but deep sequence focusing on actions, techniques and alignment and props, to show the audience the approach of Iyengar Yoga! Based on the Yoga Sutra II.46, a journey to find the benevolence of the spirit!

Osteothai Massage

SA & SO, Nach Verfügbarkeit

beyondyoga, Höchistrasse 21,  6353 Weggis

Osteothai is the meeting of traditional Thai massage and osteopathy, it’s a fusion of Thai massage techniques with the precise and gentle touch of Osteopathy.

The treatment is practised on the floor; best is to wear light comfortable clothing. Juan Carlos uses not only his hands but also his feet, knees and elbows. This is typically for the traditional Thai massage, further it includes powerful stretches, using long leverage techniques across muscle groups (inspired by yoga postures), and its acupressure work on energy lines. Osteopathy release tissue tensions and works on structural and joint mobility. Osteothaï approaches the human being as a global entity, with physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual sides. Osteothai massasage can be described as a harmonious dance of meditative practise and yoga.


Über Bianca Sissing 

As an E-RYT 500 and YACEP Yoga Alliance certified Yoga and Meditation teacher, Bianca has been practising yoga for almost 20 years and teaching for a decade. She uses her diverse educational background in her offerings not only in yoga and meditation but also in bodywork and life & spiritual coachings. Bianca's passion is to inspire and motivate people in their personal and spiritual growth, supporting a journey into living their highest potential. 
She intuitively applies her knowledge which includes a bachelors in Psychology, Certified Holistic Massage Practitioner, Certificate in Health Promotion & Prevention from Luzern Collage of Social Studies, Mikao Usui Master Reiki practitioner, Mediumship Aura and Psychic reading studies from Arthur Findley Collage England, and Indigenous Shamanic Practitioner training with Gregory Drambour, California, in addition to various Yoga Trainings and continuing education courses in Thai Yoga massage. Bianca’s deep awareness to the sublte emotional and energy bodies guide and accompany her in all of her work, teachings and being in everyday life. 

Mehr Informationen: www.livlab.ch

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The Essence of Yoga Nidra

FR  22.04.22, 15:00 - 18:00

Hotel Alpenblick

Level: All

Sprache: EN

Discover the depths, the power, and the magic of Yoga Nidra. This practice, also known as Yogic Sleep, is a deep state meditation in which the physical, mental, and emotional bodies benefit from not only rest and relaxation but also rejuvenation. Physical, mental, and emotional blocks can be released, health, wellbeing and positivity can be restored. Yoga Nidra also improves quality of sleep, stress release, improves concentration and focus, improves organ functions, induces clarity of mind, increases mind-body connection. When practiced regularly Yoga Nidra improves the overall quality of life. We will look at the how and why of this ancient practice to better understand its benefits. We will do some very light movement in order to prepare the body for meditation. And of course I will guide you in a full Yoga Nidra practice to leave you feeling grounded, light and positively healthy and happy. 

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Über Manuela Schöpfer

Manuela is a healing artist and intuitive Breathwork teacher.
Her curiosity of the human spirit brought her to various eastern and western healing modalities and set her on a path as a devoted student of Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Reiki, Herbalism, Astrology, Crystal Healing and ancient wisdom traditions.
Manuela holds a safe space, with her graceful softness and grounded energy, she creates transformative, holistic healing journeys. In her work, she invites her clients to listen to their bodies, trust their inner strength and follow the wisdom of their hearts. It is in silence, where we are able to hear and where we become aware that everything we need is within us.

Mehr Informationen: www.manuelaschoepfer.com

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Candlelight Yin Yoga

FR  22.04.22, 19:30 - 22.30

Hotel Alpenblick


Sprache: EN / DE

Candlelight Yin ist eine tief beruhigende Praxis die sich darauf konzentriert die Muskulatur zu entspannen und tief in unser Bindegewebe einwirkt. Wir verwenden Yoga Props zur Unterstützung der langgehaltenen Asanas, um deine Muskeln zu entspannen und mit der Schwerkraft den Körper Richtung Erde sinken zu lassen. Yin bietet eine Alternative zur „Yang“-Praxis, indem es die dauernden Ablenkungen des Geistes verlangsamt und hilft, im Jetzt präsent zu bleiben. Viele Schüler genießen die meditative Wirkung der lang gehaltenen Yoga-Asanas, um den Stress des täglichen Lebens los zu lassen. Während dieser Yoga Session wird Manuela dich durch eine Reihe von Pranayama-Techniken (Atemtechniken) führen und dann in beruhigender Kerzenlicht Atmosphäre zu Yin-Asanas übergehen. Du wirst dich weich, ruhig und offen fühlen. Manuela schafft einen sicheren Raum zum Wohlfühlen, unterstützt durch wundervolle Hands-on-Adjustments. 


SA 23.04.22, 15.00 - 18.00 

Hotel Alpenblick

Level: Alle

Sprache: EN / DE

The Breath ist eine zweistündige Reise mit Manuela, welche die innere Stimme hörbar macht. Die intensive Arbeit mit dem Atem in Verbindung mit Musik, Yoga, Klang und Mantras ermöglicht eine besondere Selbsterfahrung. Die Absicht gilt hierbei der emotionalen und mentalen Reinigung. Bereits ein erster Kontakt mit Breathwork schafft ausserdem ein unbekannt energetisierendes Gefühl sowie einen neuen Zugang zu sich und dem individuellen Lebenssinn. Über eine regelmässige Praxis in Breathwork wird diese Verbindung vertieft und stabilisiert. Der zweistündige Workshop mit Manuela schenkt einen Einblick in die prozessorientierte, kraftvolle Atemarbeit und ihrem inne liegenden Zauber.


Über Aimée Challies 

Movement is my language. I love to encourage and inspire people on their movement journey. 

Creativity and expression of movement began as a young ballet student, with an acute attention to detail and technique firmly imprinted through classical and contemporary ballet.

I've taught movement modalities (yoga, Pilates, Garuda) for over 18 years in UK, Europe, Australia and NZ;  teaching everyone from professional ballet dancers to elite athletes, rehabilitation and woman's health. I have been a master trainer; specifically for the Garuda method and am particularly passionate about the art of teaching. 

Quality teaching requires knowledge and experience, as well as empathy and an unrelenting belief in another’s movement.

Mehr Informationen: Aimeechallies.com 

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Infinite Possibilities 


Hotel Alexander

Level: Alle

Sprache: EN 

Explore infinite possibilities. From the variations in your movement; spirals, waves and undulations of the spine. To the quality & dynamism of your movement; soft, strong, fluid, power etc... There is a wealth of potential in the body & an innate ability to tap into; if we are open to exploring.

The wonderful thing about exploring the way your body moves, is it allows you to be in the drivers seat. You are in charge of exploring how your body moves & how it inhabits space.

When you are truly connected to your movement, only you will know what feels good and what feels right. Your practice develops beautifully in this process, because movement never lies! You embody your practice. 


Über Deddou Schaller

Hi, Ich bin Deddou und unterstütze dich durch Human Design und meinen langjährigen Erfahrungsschatz im Yoga persönlich und beruflich zu wachsen.

Aus eigener Erfahrung weiss ich, wie wichtig es ist über den Körper in eine innere Harmonie und Kraft zu kommen und aus diesem inneren Alignment dem eigenen Polarstern zu folgen. 

Nur, wie komm ich in meine Kraft, in meinen Körper? Und was ist mein Polarstern, mein nächster Schritt in meinem Leben? Wie bringe ich mehr Leichtigkeit, Flow und Freude auf diese Reise und in meinen Alltag mit? 

Während meinen knapp 10 Jahren als Yogalehrerin und Unternehmerin, habe ich nicht nur beruflich, sondern auch durchs Yoga enorm viele Erfahrungen gesammelt und intensiv mit Menschen gearbeitet. Was ich dabei gelernt habe?

Die Arbeit beginnt immer im Innern.

Das Human Design hilft uns das Innere sichtbar zu machen. 
Es dient uns als Landkarte deine Individualität, deine Superkraft, sowie Lernfelder & Zusammenhänge zu entdecken. 

Und damit es nicht nur beim Verstehen und beim Erkennen bleibt, nutze ich Embodiment Practices, um die Erkenntnisse im Körper zu verankern und zu integrieren. Denn nur aus der Balance zwischen Yin (deinem Körper) und Yang (dem Wissen) kann langanhaltende und tiefgehende Veränderung geschehen. 

Durch meine Arbeit unterstütze ich dich durch Human Design und Embodiment deinen ganz individuellen Weg, aus deiner inneren Kraft mit Leichtigkeit und Freude, zu gehen.


Mehr Informationen: www.deddouschaller.com

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Embodied Human Design

SO  25.09.22, 09:00 - 11:30

Hotel Alexander

Level: Alle

Sprache: DE 

In diesem Workshop bekommst du eine Einführung ins Human Design und wirst dessen Grundsätze nicht nur kennen- und verstehen lernen , sondern auch beginnen in dir zu spüren und körperlich zu integrieren. Deddou Schaller, ehemalige Yogalehrerin und Gründerin von POP UP YOGA, bringt ihren Erfahrungsschatz aus 10 Jahren als Yogalehrerin mit und verknüpft diese mit den Weisheiten des Human Design Systems. Freue dich auf eine kraftvolle Reise durch deinen Körper und deinen Geist, welche dir Einblicke in deine Einzigartigkeit schenkt und dir neue Perspektiven auf dein Leben und die Dynamiken darin bringt.


Über Natalija Fallocca

Natalija's classes are nourishing, strong, precise, and accessible. She combines the benefits of powerful yoga, anatomical precision and mindfulness to help you feel strong, energized, balanced and grounded. Each session brings depth and clarity by incorporating Yin & Yang elements to create a safe and calm environment. Although the practice might be physically demanding, the aim of each lesson is to move beyond the asana practice and to connect a little bit deeper with your own essence, to find true harmony deep within. Her passion for yoga and consistent daily yoga practice since 2007 make her a humble and thoroughly authentic yoga practitioner and instructor, her teaching style is natural and pure, without a sign of aerobics or dance moves. 

Mehr Informationen: www.nat.yoga

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Meridian Yoga - Yin & Yang 

SO  24.04.22, 13.00 - 16.00

Hotel Alpenblick

Level: Mittel und Fortgeschrittene

Sprache: EN

This 3hr intensive session is a powerful cross-over of ancient Yoga Asana, Meditation, and TCM which when combined, can empower our Yoga path towards healing and deeper self-knowledge. During the practice you’ll get an overview of the principles of Yin/Yang and the importance of their balance, the five elements, basic theory of the 12 main meridians, how the meridians affect our body, how they can support our daily yoga practice and well-being. The practice time will combine floor based Yin Yoga, a dynamic and heating Yang practice (Hatha Style) to move the Qi through the body, an organ scan and a deep Yoga Nidra practice to finish up. During the Yang sequence we will look at each meridian and practice some of the related yoga postures, to build a deeper understanding of how our stretches and movements influence our organ health, and with that our emotions and therefor the mind. This workshop is not separated in theory and practice, it's a practice and experienced based workflow that allows us to implement and embody the new information right away.