Yoga-Highlights 2020


 Sunday Yoga 

 Brunch & Spa 

 29. Nov. & 13. Dez. 2020 im Vitznauerhof



Yoga meets Weggis Galleries

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Alle Impressionen zu den Yoga-Events von Yoga meets Weggis

Yoga meets Weggis Galleries

Saturday Yoga

The counterpart of the popular “Sunday Yoga - Brunch & Spa” from 2020. From January 30th to March 27th. in the Hotel Alpenblick in Weggis, then in the Hotel FloraAlpina in Vitznau.

01/30 | Hotel Alpenblick, Weggis

02/13 | Hotel Alpenblick, Weggis

03/13 | Hotel Alpenblick, Weggis

03/27 | Hotel FloraAlpina, Vitznau

04/10 | Hotel FloraAlpina, Vitznau

04/24 | Hotel FloraAlpina, Vitznau

Oct. 2021 | follows

Nov. 2021 | follows

Dec. 2021 | follows

coming up in 2021

Mini Retreats

Treat your body and soul to a break at Lake Lucerne with one of our varied mini retreats.

02/26 | with Isabelle Stüssi

03/19 | with Ursina Badilatti

04/09 | with Amir Jaan

04/30 | with Claudia Reinig & Kay Rauber

09/26 | with Nico Luce

10/15 | with Jason Milne

11/12 | with Bianca Sissing Loetscher & Rachel



Summer Yoga

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and refresh your mind and body during the summer with a yoga lesson at a unique location in Weggis, on the Rigi or in Vitznau.





Jun - Aug 2021

Summer Festival

Feel the warm rays of the sun on your skin and the flowing movements in your body in the Weggis pavilion right on the lake.





August 2021

Yoga Festival

Be there “where yoga meets nature” and immerse yourself in the inspiring world of yoga at the 5th “Yoga meets Weggis” in 2021.





Oktober 2021

The video for the Yoga Festival is here!

Moving yoga moments at the lake - The Yoga Festival 2020


Inspirational yoga lessons, delicious vegan food and a unique location right on the lake again ensured an unforgettable yoga festival this year. Despite the extensive protection concept, which was adhered to by all participants in an exemplary manner, the body and mind were able to leave the stress of everyday life behind for once. Whether at one of the numerous yoga workshops, winter swimming in Lake Lucerne or outdoor forest yoga, the festival atmosphere was clearly noticeable everywhere.

Discover the emotions and impressions of this year's Yoga Festival in our festival video.

«Yoga meets Weggis»

where yoga meets nature

Embraced by fresh lake air, find inner strength and mental wellbeing in the midst of idyllic mountain scenery. The fourth annual edition of the Yoga meets Weggis festival is again being held in a beautiful location on the shores of Lake Lucerne. Inspired by the power of nature and the wealth of experience of national and international yoga teachers, the 2020 edition offers yet more harmonious yoga sessions. Whatever your quest – dynamic yoga classes, meditative mini-retreats or a rousing yoga festival – come on a journey to yourself, deepen your yoga practice and experience the welcome of the yoga community.

Sunday Yoga Brunch & Spa

23–25 Oct 2020


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